Pest Control



  • While carpenter ants might be small, they can still be very destructive. Rather than eating the wood, they prefer to shred the wood to make nesting sites. Firewood, stumps, and timbers are great nesting areas for these destructive insects. Since they are such great climbers they can get into your home from a variety of ways, including scaling telephone poles and crossing the electrical lines towards your attic. Overhanging trees are another way that these pests can enter your home to causes major damage that might go undetected for years.


german roach.jpg

  • Roaches are one of the most repulsive insects, but are often brought into homes from stores, friends, or family that may have a roach problem that you are unaware of. Once the roaches get into your home, then you have a major problem. These insects can repopulate quickly and what you think might be 2 or 3 roaches can easily become 20 or 30 roaches in a few weeks. Roaches are also nocturnal, which means that the few that you are seeing in the daylight is probably only the tip of the iceberg.



  • Whenever spiders take over a home, it can be difficult to live with. Spiders can be found in every room including drop ceilings, garages, and even cross bases. They are known for making the siding of your home filthy, and no matter how much you clean it, they will always mess it up again.


norway rat

  • Rats can cause an astronomical amount of damage once they get into your home or business. They constantly  gnaw, casing damage to electrical wiring, doors, stoves, and other appliances. They also chew holes in ceilings and nest in numerous places around your home.



  • Mice are very elusive and have a tendency to find their way into homes very easily. They can access your home from gaps as small as 1/4 inch around pipes, heating systems, doors, vents, or your foundation. Once inside, they gain access to shelter, water, and food making them never want to leave. They will use many items as nests, including insulation, cardboard, or any paper product. They can get into cabinets, contaminate food, and cause a variety of health issues due to their urine and droppings.



  • Dogs and cats are they main two culprits that help bring fleas in and around your home. Keeping your pets protected, and keeping your home well vacuumed, especially bedding, coaches, and recliners are great ways to try and prevent fleas of getting into your home. If the fleas due get into your home however, then you have a big problem.

Bed Bugs

bed bug

  • What can we say? Everybody knows how awful bed bugs can be. They will hide in your mattress, box springs, bed frame, in outlets, baseboards, under carpet, dressers, anywhere as long as they are close to the person they are feeding on.
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