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When you need Charleston, WV, pest control services and throughout Kanawha County, WV, rely on Metrick Pest Control. It is best to get the pests exterminated before the infestation gets worse. Metrick Pest Control has been serving the greater Kanawha County area since 2008. Our registered technicians are ready to take care of you. Call (304) 763-5261 to discuss the problem and schedule an appointment for a free inspection and estimate.

Pests make it difficult to impossible to enjoy being in your home or to conduct business at your office. Metrick Pest Control has premier pest control services in the greater Kanawha County, WV area. The health and safety of area residents are our priority. Let us get rid of those problematic pests today.

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Bed Bugs

We Give You Assurance Against Termites and Bed Bugs

Termites can damage the wood structures in your home. Getting control of them is a priority for homeowners and building owners. Swift action from an exterminator is necessary to protect the foundation of your home, so give us a call today to eradicate troublesome termites. Bed bugs cause extensive itching when you are trying to sleep. These tiny pests can spread throughout your home or business. Severe bed bug problems are generally not resolved with most home remedies. Contact the Kanawha County pest control experts at Metrick Pest Control today.

We Offer Moisture Control Services in Kanawha County, WV

Some pests thrive in moisture-rich environments. Getting the moisture under control can help to eliminate some pests and protect the foundation and structure of your home. We want your home to be a healthy and safe place. We can help you with solutions like installing moisture barriers or installing temp-vents.

Excess moisture in your home’s basement or crawl space can be a beacon to foundation and wood-destroying pests. Foundation vent installation helps to keep the moisture down by opening and closing according to the temperature outside. This allows for proper ventilation and helps to control the presence of intrusive pests.

Our Team Provides Professional Pest Insulation Services

Intrusive pests will creep into your home in any way possible. Making sure that your home is properly insulated provides a barrier against these pests. It can also help with keeping your home climate controlled. Our team of professionals is ready to help you determine what type of insulation can help protect your most valuable asset.

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