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When homeowners need pest control in Crab Orchard, WV, Beckley, WV, and Beaver, WV, they call on Metrick Pest Control. A pest infestation in Raleigh County, WV, can be stressful. It not only puts your family at risk, but it can also damage your property. To fully eradicate any pest infestation, you need to work with a licensed pest control company like ours. Our Beaver, WV, extermination team is extremely experienced in fumigation and pest control services. Let us help you professionally handle pests in and around Beckley, WV.

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Bed Bugs

Rely on Our Termite and Bed Bugs Extermination in Beckley, WV

It can be an absolute nightmare if your Beckley, WV, house is infested with bed bugs. Bed bugs are most commonly spotted in mattresses, couches, and bed frames. They cause itching, bites, and discomfort to your family. A termite infestation, on the other hand, can be very aggravating to any property owner. Termites damage your home or business premises by eating away the foundation. Extensive damage can lead to costly repairs. That is why you need a reliable termite and bed bug extermination service in Beckley.

Before administering any treatment, we perform a thorough inspection to give you an explanation of how bad the infestation is. Depending on the problem, our exterminator delivers customized pest management solutions that focus on prevention, removal, and exclusion.

Our Team Eliminates Pests in and Around Beaver, WV, Homes

Our services extend to all of Beaver, WV, and the surrounding areas. Upon arrival at your property, our team of experts will check your walls, floors, roof cavity, basement, timbers, and more. We will also inspect any old tree stumps to evaluate the level of infestation and property damage. Our exterminator then employs cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly products to exterminate the pests.

Get Regular Pest Inspections in Crab Orchard, WV

Metrick Pest Control recommends regular inspections and pest control to lower the rate of re-infestation in Crab Orchard, WV. You do not have to suffer from the nuisance of a pest infestation your Raleigh County, WV, neighborhood. Get in touch with us today, and let us help you remove these intruders quickly and safely for good. We look forward to hearing from you.

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