Termite Control
in Beckley, WV

Metrick Pest Control Strikes Back at Invading Termite Colonies

When you need termite control in Beckley, WV, choose Metrick Pest Control. The average acre of land has 13 subterranean termite colonies. By the time you know that termites are in your home, their colony has been there for years. You can avoid termites with a pre-emptive strike, and Metrick Pest Control can help. Our termite extermination services last for up to five years.

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Act Quickly After Detecting Termites in Your Beckley, WV, Home

West Virginia is home to subterranean and dry wood termites. They can cause extensive damage to properties in just a few short months after initial detection. If you see evidence of termites in your home, like mud tunnels on your foundation, act quickly for extermination. You need to get an exterminator from Metrick Pest Control in your Beckley, WV, home as quickly as possible.

Keep Termites Out with Highly Effective Moisture Control

Moisture control is a big part of keeping termites at bay and preventing mold growth. When they have food and water, pests have all they need to build a colony. Get rid of their food and water sources. Make it more uncomfortable for them to live and feast on your home, and they will be less inclined to stay. We can help with moisture control that will help keep your home more comfortable, and most importantly, pest-free.

Termites Do Not Stand a Chance Against Metrick Pest Control

Metrick Pest Control is one of the most trusted and highly rated pest control companies in West Virginia. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have all the experience, equipment, and restricted chemicals you need to properly control a pest or termite infestation. Our exterminator helps homeowners say goodbye to termites and various pests. Termites do not stand a chance when you have us on your side.

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